Bamboo Flute Dizi Traditional Handmade Chinese Musical Woodwind
Instrument C,D,E,F,G Key Study Level Professional Performance Malaysia

Bamboo Flute Dizi Traditional Handmade Chinese Musical Woodwind Instrument C,D,E,F,G Key Study Level Professional Performance Malaysia

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Product details of Bamboo Flute Dizi Traditional Handmade Chinese Musical Woodwind Instrument C,D,E,F,G Key Study Level Professional Performance

Chinese + + round knot flannelette set


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[product name]A flute

[materials] products: more than two years of Pleioblastus

[appearance]: Black Tie Red Line

【产品adjustable性】:C.D.E.F.G (The adjustable)

Beginner recommend:GorFtransfer

A large number of available

Beginners guidelines:


Commonly used flute beginner ForG, because these two kinds of the flute is needed for the fine flavor is quite small easy to blowing, the flute of the commonly used haveCDEFG,五种transfer的区别为:CDEFG各transfer笛子从长到短,音从低到高,各transfer 的开孔距离也会不一样,C调D调EA long and coarse tune flute, to blow up the request to Qudi breath a, F调GTo bang di, carefully a few, short, easily blowing, so suggest beginners in the first placeForG调,This section of the flute has the taste of paint, please be careful before the film Oh pro!!!


First, what is the difference between the price of the flute? Beginners buy what kind of?


The price of the flute is based on the age of the bamboo and the production process, the tone to the price

Beginners can choose according to their own conditions for their own flute, the price is different, bamboo material will be different, the old bamboo production of the corresponding sound will be better, so the price will be more expensive



Second, what accessories do you need to buy the flute?


The film must be affixed to the flute: film blowing


The film adhesive: special glue is used to stick film


Flute teaching materials: suitable for beginners to use the teaching materials, the store for sale 15Yuan a


Three, how to stick a flute diaphragm?


Membrane to cut with scissors, cut a rectangle pieces, again with the right hand thumb and finger gently knead into a small ball. Through twisting motion membrane twist into a lot of fine wrinkles, and then gently, membrane restorable, reoccupy thumbs, eat four fingers gently left, right and forward stretched it a few times. This not only to prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon of loose, membrane after good and the grain of membrane is more uniform. Then use flute diaphragm glue, clean around the film hole, the flute diaphragm and flute lines parallel to the direction, on the flute diaphragm empty. In addition, the membrane knead a grain don't too big, if too large, there will be a reduction, broken voice. Membrane and don't stick too tight is too loose, too tight, there is no clear knelt loud sound, voice is too loose the HSS, not nice. Solution: too loose, availability refers to gently pull a belly the sides; Too tight, the available show abdomen by the middle of the flute diaphragm, but don't dirty the flute diaphragm, more not to touch water. Flute diaphragm on the water, will grow old voice doesn't sound good. All in all, film is a very meticulous and patient work. High quality flute diaphragm, if poor lamination technology; It is impossible to obtain ideal resonance effect. Therefore, mastering the paster technology is a compulsory course for the beginners to learn the flute

Purple bamboo flute wholesale manufacturers double play the flute flute beginner G F D refined bamboo flute flute tune


Four, how blew the flute?


Very simple, as long as it sounded "pen" this simple little thing, you have enough talent to learn flute! Now, please believe in yourself, With the essentials of following instructions and methods, piped mouth will blow hole to breathe into the flute and the sound. It sounded the essentials:

   1The lips are naturally closed, the flute is held in a normal position, and the blow hole is arranged on the lower lip of the lip Blowing

   2, when the breath out of, only give up take the breath through the small gap, and make a bunch of gas column to blow hole beneath the sideways. Its principle as blewThe cap.

   3To breath out when not made, in the two lips and melted away, two buccal muscle must be hard, keep the export of breath is very small.

   4, blowing out the voice of pure, to avoid mixing with air sound

   5, want to often practice in front of a mirror, how recess on the porosity, make the position correct pronunciation, impartial, make breath all into a flute.

Specifications of Bamboo Flute Dizi Traditional Handmade Chinese Musical Woodwind Instrument C,D,E,F,G Key Study Level Professional Performance

What's in the box:
  • 1 x Flute
  • 1 x Bamboo Membrane
  • 1 x Chinese Knot  1 X flute bag
General Features:
Model HM0065
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